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Is your CPU running hot?

Your server, just like your home furnace, is a critical piece of infrastructure. It should work for many years without any issues. However, over time they will start struggling. This may be a slight rattling, or they might just not be working as they used to. Your server might limp along for a bit, but […]

Top Four Reasons Why You Need An Extended Warranty

When it comes to purchasing an extended warranty for your devices, consumers need to decide if the extra protection is worth the price, and the sort of risk they can afford to take with their devices. In this blog post we have shared our top four reasons we think you need an extended warranty. Peace […]

Why choose Warranty World for Cisco Support vs Cisco SMARTnet?

  Cisco Support from Warranty World Warranty World delivers Cisco support through the Cisco Services Partner Program (CSPP) which means we are able to deliver all of the support options available through Cisco branded services such as Cisco SMARTnet alongside our own Cisco support to deliver a feature rich support proposition.  With savings of up […]

What are your options when manufacturers declare products End-of-Life and End-of-Service?

There are some very valid reasons why manufacturers declare products End-of-Life and End-of-Service.   Some are technical and others are financially motivated.     But what are your options when some of your infrastructure is declared as such?   The manufacturers normally issue updates to products which have been declared End-of-Life or End-of-Service for many […]

Why do manufacturers declare products End-of-Life and End-of-Service?

There are many reasons why manfucturers declare equipment End-of-Life and End-of-Service such as:   Manufacturers keen to sell new technology to customers to keep their shareholders happy The demand for particular models means manufacturing is discontinued The replacement parts for particular models are not produced any longer Technical staff training focuses on new technologies meaning […]