Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of an extended warranty?

To provide timely hardware replacement and an engineering response when equipment that has passed its manufacturer’s warranty, produces a fault. Customers can choose a response time to suit their business requirements

What is included in an extended warranty?

Most extended warranties include hardware replacement and an engineer onsite, if the fault requires an engineering response.

What types of warranties are available?

Customers typically choose the hours of cover required (business hours or 24×7), what response they require (e.g. 4 hours or by Next Business Day)  and whether they require a guaranteed fix or response by the agreed times.

Our most common Service Level Agreements

24x7x4 hour FIX
8x5x4 hour FIX
8x5x Next Business Day RESPONSE
8x5x Next Business Day FIX

How do I know which warranty is right for my business / product?

The customer needs to understand what services are critical to their business and what hardware those services depend on. Protecting the critical hardware under a warranty ensures that critical services are restored quickly, which in turn protects your business.

What would invalidate my warranty?

Adding new components to equipment without informing us.

Moving the server to a different location without informing us.  If the equipment is moved to a different postcode to that of the warranty service agreement, you will need to inform us of  this. Often there’s no extra charge to continue to provide cover as per the original service agreement, but this is assessed on a case by case basis.

Mis-use of hard drive replacement policy.

What is not included in a warranty?

Consumable items such as batteries are not included.  For a full list of items excluded please contact us.

How do I see if my hardware is under warranty?

Use the Warranty World lookup tool by clicking Lookup Warranty Expiry

What information is required to get an extended warranty quote?

  1. Manufacturer and model number.
  2. Note any customisation made from the original manufacturer’s specification.
  3. Serial number or Service Tag.
  4. Location postcode of equipment (where we would send an engineer to if a fault occurred.   This may or may not be the same as your invoice address).
  5. Hours of cover required (e.g. 24×7 or 8×5  which is during normal business hours 5 days a week).
  6. Service response required   (e.g. 4 hour RESPONSE or Next Business Day FIX).
  7. Duration of cover required  (e.g.  1 year or  3 years).

How can I extend my HP / Dell / Cisco warranty?

Contact us via phone or by emailing with all the information required detailed in the previous point in order to obtain a prompt quotation.

Where do I find the serial number / Service Tag?

You should be able to find your equipment serial number at the back or bottom of the device.  If there are many serial/part numbers on the device, you are welcome to send us a photo by email if you are unsure which serial number is applicable.

How to find the model number of the device?

You should be able to find your product/model number of the device on the label which details your serial number.  You are welcome to send us a photo by email if you are unsure what your model number is.

How long will it take to repair my faulty hardware?

This depends on the engineer response times chosen by you when you take out the warranty with us.   If your warranty contract states that we will respond within 4 working hours – that is what we will do.

What are the benefits of extending the life of hardware rather than upgrading?

When a manufacturer’s warranty expires, often there is no pressing need from the business to upgrade some hardware for the sake of upgrading.    Yet the hardware is still critical to the business operations.    Customers often choose to extend the life and ‘sweat out’ their assets to the fullest alongside a Warranty World service contract for peace of mind should there be any failures.   Upgrading systems sometimes introduces unnecessary disruption and risk to the business.   As one wise man once said  “If it aint broke, don’t fix it!”.   And of course, we’re on hand to help if it does break.

How long does an extended warranty typically last?

We provide extended warranty contracts between 1 and 5 years.   The price per year is discounted the longer the contract is taken out for.  Typically there’s up to 15% discount on 3 year contracts and up to 25% for 5 years.

How do I raise a fault for equipment under an active Warranty World agreement?

By calling our 24 hour Service Desk on +44 (0)870 2644 305.   Please have your warranty contract number to hand.

Is my software or data covered by the warranty?

Software and customer data on server hard drives is not covered in the event of a disk failure. We strongly recommend that customers take regular offsite backups of their data and have a form of disk mirroring (e.g. RAID) to ensure servers continue operating if one disk fails and no data is lost. If a disk fails we will promptly send a replacement drive to you, so that you can rebuild your data mirroring as soon as possible. Software updates in the form of router/firewall security updates are provided, e.g. equivalent of Cisco SMARTnet

Can my server be covered if the manufacturer warranty has expired?

Yes. Your server does not need to currently be in manufacturer warranty in order to buy an extended warranty from Warranty World. For many of our customers, we align our service contract Start Date to the Expiry Date of the manufacturer’s warranty, to ensure the customer is always covered.

My current warranty doesn’t have on-site cover, can you offer this?

Yes we can.   Just let us know what service response time you require e.g. 24x7x4 hour, 8x5x4 hour or Next Business Day.

Are all faults fixed?

The vast majority of our warranties cover hardware and an engineering response.   This requires our engineers to fix the hardware if faulty.   If we can’t fix it, we will replace with a like-for-like or better specification.

What quality assurance do I get?

Every fault is raised through our 24×7 Service Desk and the Service Management is delivered to ISO/IEC 20000 status.   We also work to ITIL best practices.