Report a fault

Existing customers only

This service is for existing customers only, who have an active warranty support agreement in place with Warranty World.   If you require a quote, please complete this form.

To report a fault

Please call the 24×7 Service Desk number quoted in your contract paperwork.

Please have the following information to hand:

Warranty World Contract Agreement Number

Serial number of faulty equipment

Make and Model of faulty equipment

Postcode where faulty equipment is located

Description of the fault

Understanding your Service Level Agreements

If you have an existing account with us and would like to know which SLAs you have, or more information about each agreement, please take a look a the Service Levels details, or contact us to discuss them.

Need a warranty?

If you don’t have an active warranty agreement, please contact us for a speedy quotation.

Why Use Warranty World?

Find out more about us and why Warranty World is the best option for extending the life of your technology.