Extended Warranty for CISCO 7613-S323B-8G-R ROUTER

Cisco is a worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate.

A router is a device that forwards data packets between computer networks, creating an overlay internetwork. A router is connected to two or more data lines from different networks. When a data packet comes in one of the lines, the router reads the address information in the packet to determine its ultimate destination. Then, using information in its routing table or routing policy, it directs the packet to the next network on its journey. Routers perform the "traffic directing" functions on the Internet. A data packet is typically forwarded from one router to another through the networks that constitute the internetwork until it reaches its destination node.

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Warranty World provides extended warranty support for the CISCO 7613-S323B-8G-R ROUTER, as well as support for server and network equipment from most major manufacturers.

Increasingly businesses are working with trusted providers like Warranty World, that can supply support contracts which fit their needs more accurately and provide significant cost savings also.

Most Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service agreements are one size fits all however Warranty World provides much more flexibility when it comes to choosing the type of cover you need, such as days of cover and response times.

Did You Know...?

Warranty World provides Cisco approved support which is the same as Cisco SMARTnet with the addition of SLAs with guaranteed fix times, performance guarantees and dedicated account management. And we're often significantly cheaper than buying Cisco SMARTnet direct!

Multi-vendor support

Customers of Warranty World benefit from our ability to support technology from multiple different manufacturers under one support contract. This approach provides the ultimate flexibility for your business and improves continuity of service across your deployed infrastructure.

Warranty Options

Warranty World offers a multitude of options for when you want to decide upon Service Level Agreements.

Find Out About Service Levels

Our most popular Service Level Agreements for the CISCO 7613-S323B-8G-R ROUTER are:

Service Levels Description
8x5xNBD 8 business hours, 5 days per week, next business day
8x5x4 8 business hours, 5 days per week, 4 hour response
24x7x4 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 4 hour response

Levels of cover range from replacement parts only, right through to guaranteed fix times with onsite engineer.

Flexible cover on your terms

Do you require a bespoke Service Level Agreement?

Do you require a 4 hour response on critical infrastructure and Next Business Day for the remainder?

At Warranty World we take pride in providing the right cover for our customers.

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